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  • Exhibition in Paris “Nikola Tesla and the Awakening of Vision”

    The Nikola Tesla Museum presented itself to the public in Paris with the exhibition “Nikola Tesla and the Awakening of Vision: From the City of Obscurity to World Fame”, which was staged in the space of the Serbian Cultural Center in Paris from May 12 to 28, 2022.

  • Exhibition in Prijepolje “Nikola Tesla in his and our time”

    The Nikola Tesla Museum, in cooperation with the Museum in Prijepolje, presented the exhibition “Nikola Tesla in his and our time”. At the exhibition, which lasted for a month, set up in the gallery space of the Museum in Prijepolje, visitors could see the story of the great scientist’s life with special reference to his …

  • Exhibition in Trieste “Man from the Future”

    In one of the spaces of the old port of Trieste (Magazzino 26), which was renovated by the Municipality of Trieste for the needs of cultural events, on September 18, 2021, the exhibition of the Nikola Tesla Museum “Nikola Tesla: Man from the Future”, was opened in cooperation with the Serbian Cultural Youth Association.

  • Exhibition in Barcelona “Genius of Modern Electricity”

    At the CosmoCaixa Museum in Barcelona, 28.10.2021, the exhibition “Nikola Tesla – Genius of modern electricity” was opened. The exhibition is the result of a two-year collaboration between the Nikola Tesla Museum and the CosmoCaix Museum in Barcelona, and is one of the most representative exhibitions on the life and work of the great Serbian …

  • Nikola Tesla’s Birthday

    On July 10th, the day Nikola Tesla was born, our museum will be open for visitors from 10:00 till 18:00. Entry is free.

  • Exhibition in Argentina

    At the Embassy in Buenos Aires on February 14th, on the eve of Statehood Day, an exhibition was officially opened and a reception was held that had special significance for the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia and the Serbian Diaspora in Argentina. During the ceremony, the director of the Nikola Tesla Museum, Ivona Jevtic, …

  • Exhibition in Milano “Man from the future”

    The exhibition of Nikola Tesla Museum „Nikola Tesla – Man from the future“ was opened on October 3rd in Milan. The exhibition was realized in cooperation with Venice Exhibition from Venice and Bulb Creation from Belgrade. With 1200 square meters space and number of exhibits, this is one of the largest exhibition of the Nikola …

  • Permanent Exhibition in Buenos Aires

    After a very successful three-year cycle of exhibitions “Nikola Tesla, the inventor of the 21st century”, organized by Telefonika and seen by half a million people in a dozen cities and provinces of Argentina, part of the exhibits was donated to the Embassy of R. Serbia, as a partner in organizing and promoting the exhibitions …

  • Exhibition in Paraguay “Energia Para El Futuro”

    On November 1st 2019 the Nikola Tesla Museum exhibition has opened in Paraguay, at the Itaipu Museum in Ciudad Del Este under the name “The Nikola Tesla Energia Para El Futuro”.

  • Exhibition in Athens “Man ahead of his time”

    The exhibition “Nikola Tesla – Man ahead of his time” was officially opened on October 16 at the Athens Museum of Ancient Greek Technology Kotsanas. The exhibition was opened by Kostas Kotsanas, founder of the Kotsanas Museum and Ivona Jevtic, director of the Nikola Tesla Museum, and guests at the opening were Serbian Ambassador to …

  • Exhibition in Shanghai „Tesla – Man from the future“

    On September 29th , 2018, the exhibition of Nikola Tesla Museum was opened in Shanghai Science and Technology Museum. This significant institution is hosting exhibition „Tesla – Man from the future“, which shows life and work of Nikola Tesla, one of the greatest minds to the Chinese audience.

  • European Heritage Days

    During the “European Heritage Days” manifestation on Monday 23.09.2019. the Nikola Tesla Museum will be open for visitors from 10:00 until 18:00. Entrance is free.  Welcome!