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Welcome to the Nikola Tesla Museum.

Dive into Tesla’s world and explore his extraordinary life, from the first encounters with science to the great achievements.

Welcome to the Nikola Tesla Museum.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Get to know Nikola Tesla through a guided tour and find out about all the relevant things related to your future visit.

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Discover the incredible life of Nikola Tesla.

Get an insight into all the major events that took place during Tesla’s amazing life via our interactive timeline.

Explore Tesla’s rich collection of patents for innovations that truly changed our world.

Learn about all the places where Nikola Tesla gave his famous lectures.

Tesla frequently published articles on various scientific topics and in various publications.

“We have to begin with little things before we can accomplish great ones.“

Bloomington Leader, 1896

“The economic transmission of power without wires is of all-surpassing importance to man.“

Popular Electricity, 1911

“The successful inventor has an odd, quaint mind, a mind full of surprises.“

New York Despatch, 1909

“A great problem cannot be solved by one man. A solution will come as the result of the cooperation of many.“

Times, 1908

“Doubt is not disturbing. People doubted that the power of Niagara could be harnessed.“

Enquirer, 1901

Stay in touch with the latest events.

Follow the numerous activities of the Nikola Tesla Museum in Serbia and abroad. We participate in exhibitions and various scientific and cultural events.

Explore the priceless scientific heritage.

The Nikola Tesla Museum inherits the original archive of the famous scientist. UNESCO included this rich collection in the “Memory of the World” Register, which represents the highest form of protection of a cultural asset.

All about Nikola Tesla in one place.

Visit us in the center of Belgrade and step into Tesla’s wonderful world of science. In this unique location, you will come into contact with original Tesla items and demonstrations of his pioneering inventions.

Welcome to the Nikola Tesla Museum.