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As with the collection of books, the magazines and newspapers have a wide range of content: from reference and professional material to popular science, from daily political news to entertainment and humor. Comparing the number of volumes to the number of titles (almost 3.3 volumes per title), it may be concluded that many of the magazines are represented by only one issue. This is most likely because Tesla himself decided to keep only those issues which carried articles of interest to him.

On the other hand, there are some magazines of which a large number of copies have been retained. Thus, for example, there are 22 copies of Time magazine from July 20, 1931, which carries an interview with Tesla on the occasion of his 75th birthday, and has his portrait on the cover. Periodicals from Tesla’s legacy are listed in a complete shelf list as well as an alphabetical catalog in the form of a card index.

Welcome to the Nikola Tesla Museum.