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This category is divided into Tesla’s scientific works and published patents of Nikola Tesla, as well as many related patents held by other inventors. This collection comprises 45,575 separate documents.

The division of Tesla’s activity into scientific work, patents and patent documentation, was carried out in 1954 and 1955, when Tesla’s legacy was first listed and processed. This division is still maintained today. The material is sorted into the following categories:

1. Patents
2. Strong current technology
3. High frequency technology
4. Mechanical engineering – mechanical technology
5. Turbines and thermodynamics
6. Aviation and aircraft
7. Telemechanics
8. Arcs and oscillators
9. Various materials and procedures
10. Astronomy
11. Lighting
12. Locomotive headlamps
13. Lighting rods
14. Fountains
15. Applied physics – optics and optical instruments, cinematography
16. Mechanical oscillators
17. Mathematics, physics and applied chemistry
18. Coils, capacitors etc.
19. Patent disputes
20. Articles
21. Miscellaneous

The category “Plans and Drawings” is closely connected to this category. However, because of its size and the different storage and conservation methods required, it is maintained separately from the scientific work.

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