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Chemical Technology

The chemical technology collection, catalog number T:27, comprises 50 individual exhibits: 24 samples of metal (copper, iron, steels, aluminum and anodized aluminum, zirconium, lead, nickel and titanium), three metal vessels, two graphite vessels for melting metals (one incomplete) two zirconium vessels, five wooden cases with glass bottles containing lubricating oil for chronometers, samples of powder, such as activated charcoal, or Venetian red pigment, several samples of steel wire and rods, as well as analytical scales with a complete set of weights.

The wide variety of articles indicates Tesla’s interest in materials in general and especially in metals and their properties. The same conclusion may be drawn by examining Tesla’s personal library in which are many books and product catalogues from the fields of metallurgy, chemistry and chemical processes. The scientist’s legacy also includes technical drawings which clearly indicate his interest in metallurgical processes, such as the problems of alloys, melting and the process of extracting certain elements, for example sulfur. These are sketches and drawings of potential patents for devices such as a high-temperature furnace for melting metals and alloys for the extraction of sulfur.

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