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Tesla’s legacy includes nine decorations with certificates of awards with which the scientist was decorated between 1892 and 1939. The concept of decorations is taken to include badges, crosses for services, medals and academic awards with honorary title. These decorations are grouped into domestic and foreign, according to their origin. They are arranged in order of their conferral. The medals are organized chronologically by the year of award.

In the name of HM King Aleksandar I Obrenović, the royal regents, on the proposal of the Minister for Education and Church Affairs, awarded “Mr. Nikola Tesla, electrical engineer of New York” the Royal Order of St. Sava, second rank, on June 12, 1892. The decoration was conferred by King Aleksandar I on May 22, 1892 (by the Julian calendar) on the occasion of Tesla’s visit to Belgrade. This is the earliest preserved decoration awarded to Tesla.

The University of St. Clement of Ohrid in Sofia, on the fiftieth anniversary of its founding, awarded Nikola Tesla an honorary doctorate in physical science on May 22, 1939, in appreciation of his scientific work in the field of physics and electrical engineering. The honorary doctorate was presented together with a medal. This is the last preserved decoration awarded to Tesla.

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